Jason Wolf

Jason is a seeker of knowledge, not only of life, but of the spiritual world. He believes there are things in this life that go beyond our explanation and understanding – but nonetheless hold answers and guidance for those who choose to listen. He is the president and founder of Feel Better Fables where he writes and illustrates “meaningful messages made simple” through the art of stories and fables.

The story of Stitch was something he carried with him for almost 15 years before it was made into a graphic novel. After experiencing the tremendous loss of several family members who passed all within 9 months of one other, Jason began to rethink the story of Stitch and what it was “really about.” During this moment of great darkness, Jason found his light by seeing and discovering there was something more to his loss - there were answers to be found. An awakening to signs and messages that seemed to appear to guide him as well as give him a better understanding as to why he was here and what life can truly be about.

Jason currently lives in Los Angeles, is an avid runner with several marathons to his credit and traveler of the world. He plans to one day move to Europe, a place he considers his second home.

Please click the image above to watch a video of Jason Wolf talking about the making of Stitch.

Nathanael Lark

Nathanael Lark is a nationally-recognized illustrator with clients such as Lisa Frank and The Sci-Fi Channel. Nathanael is also a prolific storyboard artist including work on The Response which was short-listed for the 2010 Academy Awards® as Best Live Action short
film (one of only ten films selected worldwide).

Stitch offered Nathanael the opportunity to immerse himself fully in the artistic depiction of a world and its characters. The story’s timeless themes of choice and redemption gave Nathanael the perfect platform from which to extend a visual expression of powerful universal truths.

An artist to the core, Nathanael’s time away from the drawing table is spent nurturing inspiration at book stores, museums, sketching at coffee shops and frolicking with childlike abandon through Disneyland.

Please click the image above to watch a video of Nathanael Lark talking about the making of Stitch.